Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Not too Late!

The Search and Surveillance Bill may have passed its second reading, but some of us believe that there is still a fighting chance. It only passed by two votes, there could be a chance some people could be swayed and change their minds.

Last year ACT opposed the Criminal Procedures Bill (part 3) on the basis that it removed the Right to Silence. National had to remove that clause to get that Bill through. Maybe if John Banks could recognise that that Right to Silence is effectively removed in the Search and Surveillance Bill, that will be one vote gone.

United Future could also be worked on.

There may be the odd National Party MP who could do a conscious vote.

And we need to ensure Labour continues to oppose the Bill.

We need to generate enough publicity to weaken the MPs and get the majority to vote against this Bill.

Recent articles about the Bill can be read here.

Do something now to stop the Bill.